Technoshamanism meeting in Berlin!!


Schilerpromenade 4 – Berlim [Keller]
19/02 – 2pm to 12pm
20/02 – 2pm to 12 pm
This meeting is organised in collaboration between rede technoshamanism  and TOP eV
During the days 19 and 20 of february/2016 there will be a tecnoshamanism meeting in Berlin! This meeting intends to gather people that are interested in the intersection between DIY technologies and ancestor futuristic knowledge.
By “ancestor futuristic knowledge” we understand the approximation of ancestral knowledge, cosmovisions, alquimy, shamanisms, magic,  free cosmogonies with foresight technologies and possible futurologies.
If rationalism and individualism somehow exhaust a way to produce an ecologically and socially balanced existence, and if the Earth presents emergencies that the anthropocentrism can’t take care of, what can we do to reach other relations of states between human / nature / cosmos?
All this discussion about interspecifcs, subjectivity of matter, anthropocene, and theoretical speculative discussions is something that moves us / touches, or is it just the latest intellectual agenda in international meetings, which soon will sound as obsolete concepts?
You can approach if you feel called by the junction of these terms (techno + shamanism, ancestrality + futurism). You can come to the workshops, discussions and rituals that will be made during the whole weekend in free radio format, with free expression and listening space for many different backgrounds.
Tecnoshamanism has been configured as a cross-border network that gathers people interested in thinking their ideas and everyday actions at the same time they thinking open science,  open technology and open cosmological and ecosophical visions. Putting in doubt the technology development projects also has been an issue; we want above all to rescue the spirit of hacklabs, which in many cases have lost their collaborative and adventurer spirit in favor of an the entrepreneurial culture.
Over these last few years we have made a series of meetings, events, festivals and practical constructions to think/act in relation to all this. We made meetings in Spain, England, Denmark, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and now we are organizing this meeting in Berlin. Every city/country has its characteristics, its way of dealing with these issues, its singular reading about all these processes and its own conjectures about ancestrality/futurism. So what we leave is always a question, instead of coming with programs and reports …
If tecnoshamanism presents itself as an aesthetic tendency with its rituals, immersive processes, internarratives and live fictionalizations, it also appears as a set of practices that are carried out by its collaborators. In this category come forest garden projects, reconstructing river sources, defence of indigenous areas and populations, renewable energy projects, intranet networks, etc.
It will be a two-days meeting where we will talk about all this. While at the same time we will prepare the collective DIY ritual. The ritual will be made with the participation of the people involved in the meeting.

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