Presentation in transmediale/2016, open ports!!

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With Nicholas Anastasopoulos, Fabiane M. Borges, Ben Vickers, Oliver Lerone Schultz.

Acknowledging a critical moment for diverse port authorities worldwide and at a new global juncture—in Berlin, the EU, and many other international ports—this gathering will be focused specifically on reviewing traditional ports, gathering concrete engagements with their inherent and continuing political-logistical promise of connecting people, places, and important matters. With a mandate to re-establish a communal quality of ports, the Global Port Authority will ask: what docking points could in these moving times provide reliable anchorage, refuge, or sanctuary to a globally distributed ecology of commoning initiatives and people anxious for open interplanetary connectivity? What are the criteria, methods, and practices for attaining open ports?

To listen:

Basically my speech at Transmediale was on three axes that structured the Art in Orbit (exhibition we did in Quito / 2015), and / or things that are interesting me look now … imaginary axis, historical axis and technical axis of Culture ( and counterculture) Space. I brought works by artists / agencies to exemplify these axis as Joanna Griffin – Declaration of Bogotá, Workshop of Extraterrestrial Subjects from Colombia, Quilombo de Alcantara (mocambos network, IP Impossible Policy and MABE Movement of People Affected by the Space Base (and explosion) Brazil, Exa (civilian space agency of the equator), Tupac Katari (Bolivian geostationary satellite), video of Congo astronauts, among other things … so to speak … was fun.

I showed this videos – 1 minute each:



2 images:


Joanna Griffin – Declaration of Bogota

djoanna friffineclaracionbogota_jo_5_3_15

and Exa photos:




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