Pharmakon – Technoshamanism on the Rubishland

Fui convidada pela Veridiana Zurita a participar em um projeto chamado Pharmakon. Cada artista residente tinha que convidar um artista do seu gosto, ela me convidou para substituir Peter Pál Pelbárt que era sua primeira opção.

Os Ghosts estão as soltas, e como não poderia ser diferente, em Bruxelas também. O nome do encontro se relacionou com a questão do remédio e do veneno (Pharmakón), sobre as doses que torna um em outro.


Pharmakon : whitch culture ?


‘Pharmakon: whitch culture?’, is a Thematics artistic research residency project, taking place in Brussels from the 15th of October until the 15th of December 2014. This residency is one of the stages in the development of the broader, transnational ‘Pharmakon’ research project undertaken by Institut Nomade. The ‘Pharmakon: whitch culture?’ conference will last three days and will explore the theoretical and artistic approaches to dealing with an increasingly toxic economic, ethical and cultural environment, in search of other techniques by which to connect, share and imagine the fabric of our togetherness. As a ‘performative conference’, this meeting involves artists as well as theorists, dissolves the boundaries between ‘specialists’ and ‘public’, and between ‘performers’ and ‘theorists’, and opens up a space for desire and reflection.

Thematics is organized by Bains Connective, in collaboration with Institut Nomade, the a.pass research center and Kaaitheater.


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