To yupana kernel

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      By Fabiane Morais Borges*

Translated by Pedro Machado Salazar

Reviewed by Rakhee Kewada and Lívia Achar Mourão.

… The other one, the Alchemist is living a high level of paranoia and clings to stones, metals and fire like someone who wants to invert the world order, or, at least, develop some kind of new abstraction. He fabricates silicic, extracts gold from computers and decomposes digital gadgets, returning matter back to its surroundings. He plants seeds and next to them places gold nuggets extracted from hardware. Some say: insane! Is the work worth it if you end up with nothing? Does the plant need this stone purified with battery water? And all the acids that you inhale, they won’t cause some disturbance? You spend your life among shattered mother-boards. And all this electronic garbage that surrounds you doesn’t intoxicate you1?

Intoxicated by a technological world in shatters he paces, scratching his chin while looking for cables of naked wire that may serve as conductors of energy, of electricity, of thought. When he gets lost in neurotic traps, he follows the wire spread on floor to find some path for his reasoning. Thoughts connect to the conductor wire by his pure attention, since their bodies do not cross each other yet. The wire is the materialization of some meaning, it is his way of connecting to the garbage, that for him is mining, a second nature, some way of exercising the profession of his youth, archeology. He makes his adventures in the trash.

Para continuar – tecnomagia-tradução ingles


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