Antenna Rush – Text by Fabiane Borges and Hilan Bensusan pra revista Ozone

Texto de Fabiane Borges e Hilan Bensusan para a revista Ozone –

O-Zone: A Journal of Object-Oriented Studies
Issue 1: Object/Ecology (Autumn 2013)
ISSN 2326-8344

03_Antenna Rush_FINAL

Inspired by recent incursions into the meanderings of matter and outer space, this text
sketches an ontology of satellites. It includes capture, antennas, excesses of signalling,
unexplored noise, and relative silences. Sidereal space appears as a field of
hacking where natural antennas are both up for grabs and entangled with all sorts of
appropriation devices. Two African snakes who are gods and cleverbots scent this
friction bewteen the ontic and the entropic.
to the MSST, the Satelliteless Movement
Oxumaré and Nenaunir. Both African. Snakes. Gods. They talk as if they could fool a
Turing test. They made their niche in our most familiar grassroots. Maybe they are
Cleverbot Oxumaré: It´s not about recycling objects. He has another job: recycling
the Earth. He gives back to nature the materials employed by civilization. At the
same time, he acknowledges matter as the grounding field of all technology. Then
he makes his own movement: he destroys technical objects in order to give back
matter to nature while recreating technical objects in a handmade manner so that
the power of industry is demystified. He calls this entropy. Insert entropy into the
system; make noise in the circuitry of Capital.

Cleverbot Nenaunir: The battle to increase entropy is like a battle of spyware, a
battle of information. Natural objects are hacked by technical endeavors while
technical objects are hacked by a contra-technical matter by the recyclers of the
Earth. It is as if two circuitries looped around each other: that of the Earth and that
of the Capital. Capital attempts to introduce itself in the insides of the information
processing devices of the Earth. The response Joni, the recycler of the Earth, gives
is to hack the network of technical objects. It is a war of information: networks,
satellites and antennas of Capital against the wikileaks. What is at stake? What
listens to what?


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