Texto sobre tecnomagia de Pedro Soler

Extracto de un texto de Pedro Soler encargado para publicación (en español) en el libro de la exposición “Cinco variaciones de circunstancias fónicas y una pausa” de Tania Candiani, Centro de Arte Alameda, Mexico DF. Febrero 2013 .http://cincovariaciones.com/

Extract of a text commisioned for publication in the book of the exposición “Cinco variaciones de circunstancias fónicas y una pausa”
de Tania Candiani, Centro de Arte Alameda, Mexico DF. Febrero 2013 . http://cincovariaciones.com/
Technology is the concretisation of the visions of shamans and magicians. Everything we use today was accomplished, imagined or dreamed, in ancient times. Perhaps it is only the future that has resisted, so far, the capacities of technology – although the capacity of super computers to model complex phenomena brings us closer to that most archetypal of shamanic capacities.

We can fly like eagles, see like out of body experience (satelites, helicopter cams), see like a lynx (crittercams), speak at a distance, move objects from afar, access the combined knowledge of generations, freeze time and rewind (photo, video). The ability to see at a distance is indicated in the Popol Vuh , the epic of the Mayan civilisation, as belonging to the first humans :

“Perfect was their sight, and perfect was their knowledge of everything beneath the sky. If they gazed about them, looking intently, they beheld that which was in the sky and that which was upon the earth. Instantly they were able to behold everything. They did not have to walk to see all that existed beneath the sky. They merely saw it from wherever they were. Thus their knowledge became full. Their vision passed beyond the trees and the rocks, beyond the lakes and the seas, beyond the mountains and the valleys.” (1)

Thelma Moss who worked with the Australian Aborigenes in the 70s tells us that they used telepathy as we use the telephone and, as she writes, “as mysterious is the telephone for them as telepathy for us”. She says that the hunters returning from their hunt advise those who have stayed behind to start preparing for the feast. An article in the Melbourne Argus from 1931 reports an Aborigene describing the method for telepathic communication. This shouldnt come as a surprise to most of us, we habitually feel the presence of people or, mundanely, we are thinking of someone when they call.

“When an aborigine wishes to appeal for help or to send any other message to another member of his, tribe he first attracts attention by a smoke signal. said Mr. Uninpon ‘ The man who sees the smoke signal then strives to do a very difficult thing-to clear his mind of every thought and so to become fully receptive to messages sent to him. The man who made the smoke signal then concentrates his thoughts on the desired message and soon it is received and re-transmitted to the rest or the tribe. At night when a smoke signal would not be seen the aboriginal waits until the person he wants to communicate with will most likely have lost consciousness in sleep. His subconscious mind is then fully awake and it will receive the message.” (2)


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