technoshamanism syncretism: what does ritual mean to us?

20th September 2011 to 31st October 2011

In recent years, collective practice in Brasil has generated theoretical-practical-political-subjective platforms from different perspectives. In these contexts, actors critically undertake processes of social movements, urban space, performances, immersive happenings and multimedia to produce and share experiences and content. Recently, artist-producers in the fields of art, media and technology, have been deeply committed to producing social spaces and territories of agency around the notion of expanded performative experiences and processes.

Aware about the use of technology from indigenous cultures, traditionally interactive and interdisciplinary, involving rituals and ceremonials that reach beyond urban society daily codes, we intend to experience the period of the residency as an interface to juxtapose the concept of “different natures” and “trans specificities”, proposed by the anthropologist Viveiros de Castro, with performative rituals interconnected with elements as body, machine, nature, multimedia, ritual, performance, landscape, art and technology, as an attempt to take us into deeper levels of political, sociological and cultural subjective | subversive practice.

Simultaneously, during the period of the residency, this experiment will be orally developed from continous documentation – involving the natural environment, rituals, landscape, performances, local stories and narratives, testimonials, noise, community, labor etc – to explore the potential around the sonic, the film-essay, the archive, speculative futures and mythos-fictions and also available in the web, as an on-line platform connected to the experience itself.

strategies :
§ explore the relation between body, technology, performance, ritual, landscape and documentation in Ennerdale Valley ;
§ engage collaboratively Wild Ennerdale site and local community ;
§ work as partner of the organization staff – assisting with conservation / maintenance work ;
§ provide spaces and opportunities of interaction and feedbacks during the residency period.

some photos of our residence:

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Ali Khodr,

Fabiane Borges

Camila Mello

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