PROJECT TO AND ABANDON NORMAL DEVICES / one month in the forest!



wild ennerdale residency, cumbria sep/oct 2011
areas of interest in relation to the programme :

# explore the relation between body, performative rituals, landscape and documentation in Ennerdale Valley ;
# engage collaboratively Wild Ennerdale site and local community ;
# work as partner of the organisation staff – assisting with conservation / maintenancework ;
# provide spaces and opportunities of interaction and feedbacks during the residency

#how you would spend your time in residence | what outcomes you would expect to achieve | why?
#sincretism : what do rituals mean to us?
As usually, Latin America is still underrepresented in european cultural context and it is, at least disturbing, to acknowledge about an artistic residency in a forest preservation area, specific designed for bazilian artists. What is behind this iniciative still unveiled and is one ofour points of interest for this proposal.

In recent years, collective practices in Brasil have generated theoretical-practical-politicalsubjective platforms from different perspectives. In these contexts, actors critically undertake processes of social movements, urban space, ritual performances, immersive happenings and multimedia to produce and share experiences and content.

Recently, artist-producers in the fields of art, media and technology, have been deeply envolved in these processes to revive the contemporary scene for the construction of new formats of meetings, artistic residencies, events, encounters and the production of new experiences.

The complexity of contemporary life generates a kind of blind common state even on the most basic issues that confront the planet. And in our technological proliferation, we are still learning about our individual and collective body. We live surrounded by a chaos of information and, in lack of convincing structural bases, we rely on intuitions and affinities. In a way to create extensions of the boundaries of our urban artistic pratice and digital interactions, the most important convergence feels like to produce social spaces and territories of agency, working with the notion of expanded performative experiences and process in diferent temporalities.

We are aware about the use of technology from indigenous cultures, traditionally interactive and interdisciplinary, involving rituals and ceremonials that reach beyond urban society daily codes. Mostly, in times when we feel the urgency to reinvent, recreate, reimagine and devellop sustainable strategies oriented to the growth and continuum of the natural world, the appropriation of those practices – cerimony and ritual – is a deep realm in a way to transform our living conditions and ethics basis as a relational and interdependent living organism.

Indigenous ceremonies use interdependent technologies to enter a synesthetic state of transcendence envolving the community into a shared and undifferentiated space, in which every action is part of another action, in which thought and emotion are not limited by temporal powers.
We search for counterreactions and break downs throught out our artistic practice.

What is technology and what motivates us to employ such tools as extensions of our bodies and communcation language structures for interaction and social responsable change and how this elements – body, machine, nature, multimedia, ritual, performance, landscape, artifitiality, art-technology – can be juxtaposed and interconnected, are the questions that bases this project.

We intend to experience the period of the residency as an interface to multiply
perspectives, negociate vocabularies, experience language and diversify narratives in the direct contact, sensorial and mental, with the natural and preserved landscape, collaborating to create a shared space with the local community.

[ temporal strategies ]

To propose performative rituals of immersion, liberation, purification and sensorial awakening in direct contact with the environment, as an attempt to take us into more deeper levels of political, sociological and cultural subjective | subversive practices ;
To generate a subjective interface of the hole period of the residency, available in the web and formally developed from continous documentation – envolving the natural environment, rituals, landscape, performances, local stories and narratives, testimonials, noise, community, labor etc – to explore the potential around the sonic, the film-essay, the archieve, speculative futures and mythos-fictions ;
To discuss about broader relations of the experimental practice as an on-line platform connected to the experience itself ;
To organize a workshop in aim to produce a collective photo-story through performance and ritualistic processes, built from the biographies of the participants and through multimedia tools ;
To organize a open event for the community to share about the experience through screenings and images with live commentary, followed by discussions about the concepts that sustain such practices ;
To not bring and not leave nothing behind us that might jeopardize the natural environment.

[ materials ]

photo and video cameras
personal objects

[ period ]


[ short biographies and links ]

Ali Khodr
Born in Lebanon
Brazilian nationality
Lives and works in Paris
PHD student in visual arts, researching about the confrontation of the notion of continuous process of artistic practice and the notion of eventual actions:

Member of the collectif MERGULHO, develops projects since 2006 in order to create
through drawing, video, photography and printed works methods of sharing experiences and projects such as TEMPORARY STATES and WHEN WE DO NOT

Fabiane Borges
Born in Bagé, Brasil
Lives in London and works around the world
Psychologist, undertaking a Ph.D. in clinical psychology at PUC-SP. She has been involved in the production of events about art, politics and technology in Brazil since 2000 and has published three books last year that deal with the subject, available at:

Camila Mello
Born in Porto Alegre, Brasil
Lives and works between London and Brasil
Multi-media artist, researches the relation between body, space and time through image and sound documentation related to experiences in imersive and temporary contexts:
Since 2005 has been a member of MERGULHO, a collective platform that explores the
possibility of restoring subjective realities into shareable experiences:
In 2010, MERGULHO and Rodrigo Lourenço, of DESVENDA Contemporary Art Fair,
organized the project SEU – Urban Experimental Week, an on going experimental art
process about experience in public space, as a foment of collective work and interchange
between artists and community:
Also in 2010, joined Ali Khodr to create BASE art association, a collaborative space in
Paris, on the notion of encounter, relation and the archetype of the artist as a worker:
[ related links ]


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