our project at Hackademia – Manchester

Une minute peformance – photo and video

HACKADEMIA 18, 19, 20 of september – http://www.lml.lse.ac.uk/~patrick/hackademia//styled-9/

Facilitated by Fabiane Borges and Camila Mello and Ali Khodr

This workshop aims at producing a photo and video story through performance. One minute peformance will be built from the biographies of the participants and through multimedia.
The basic elements for this performance will emerge from a suitcase, filled by us. We will bring the objects: fabrics, candles, incenses, smells, musicals instruments, djimbe, fancy dresses/clothes, jewels, letters, old mobile phones, wigs, sex toys, cigarettes, books, make up, whatever we may want to use in the conception of characters and the creation of the respective script.

Please bring three important things:
1- elements of autobiography (objects, histories, photos)
2- elements specials for memory (smells, clothes)
4- something to eat or drink (toguether)

The images will be shown in the very day of the workshop followed by a discussion about the final product (and a picnic).
catadores@gmail.com to register and with questions.

biographies and links
Fabiane Borges lives in London, researches at Goldsmiths, works towards a PhD in Clinic Psychology at PUC, São Paulo, Brazil. She produces events of art and media since 2000. She wrote three books about urban art, performance, ritual, media and social movements that are available here:
Event on art and media – submidialogia:
Immersive process:

Camila Mello lives in London, she is a visual artist and works with multimedia since 2005. She’s part of the collective Mergulho e Desvenda and produced an event called SEU: http://portoalegreseu.wordpress.com/
She has focused on thinking through art and public space, the production of events of art and politics. She was artist in residence in several places. BASE

Ali Khodr april 12, 1980. Lebanon. Brazilian nationality. Lives and work in Paris. PHD student in visual arts, researching about the confrontation of the notion of continuous process of artistic practice and the notion of eventual actions. Membre of the collectif MERGULHO, develops projects since 2006 in order to create through drawing, video, photography and printed works methods of sharing experiences and projects such as TEMPORARY STATS and WHEN WE DO NOT KNOW WHO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve_DXS_DTbI , www.artbaseasso.wordpress.com/processozero




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