MICROPOLITICS RESEARCH GROUP http://micropolitics.wordpress.com/


March 23rd, 2011
18.00 – 20.00

Goldsmiths College
Room: NAB 3.26 (New Academic Building, across the back field, 3rd floor)
New Cross Gate, London


In recent years, collective practices in Brazil have generated theoretical-practical-political-subjective platforms from different perspectives. In these contexts, actors critically undertake to produce and share experiences and content. Processes of social movements, of urban space, ritual performance, immersive happenings and multimedia are discussed. Screenings and images with live commentary are followed by discussions about the concepts that sustain such practices. Recently, artist-producers in the fields of art, media and technology, have been developing research and publications about these processes. This research seeks to revive the contemporary scene for the construction of new formats of meetings, events, festivals and the production of new processes.
Fabiane Borges is a psychologist, undertaking a Ph.D in clinical psychology at PUC. SP. She has been involved in the production of events about art politics and technology in Brazil since 2000 and  has published three books last year that deal with subject, available at:  https://catahistorias.wordpress.com
Camila Mello works with multi-media and since 2005 has been a member of MERGULHO, a collective plataform that explores the possibility of restoring subjective realities into shareable experiences: http://corpoliquido.wordpress.com . In 2010 Mergulho and Rodrigo Lourenco, of Desvenda, Contemporary Art Fair, organized the project SEU – Urban Experimental Week, an on going experimental art process about experience in public space, as a foment of collective work and interchange between artists and community: http://portoalegreseu.wordpress.com . In 2010 she worked with Ali Khodr, BASE art association, a collaborative space in Paris, on the notion of encounter, relation and archetype of the artist as a worker  http://artbaseasso.wordpress.com (ander construction)  Research of images:

tags: art collectiv, ritual, performance, multimedia, public space, art-technology, submidialogia, hacklab,



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